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Investigative Services

Contact us and schedule a consultation to find out why Elite Investigative Group is the best company to suit your specific needs. We're adaptable and ready for anything. Client satisfaction is our number one!    


Undercover Investigation

A Clear Solution to finding the truth

Our agents are photography and video-capable and are trained to get the best footage possible. Have one of our agents at your disposal for as long as you'd like.  

Security Camera


Trustworthy Tactics

With the help of our covert unmanned cameras, we are able to track and see the whereabouts of anyone in a specific location in real-time! Each unmanned camera is stationed outside in a location we know our target will be located. Thanks to new advancements in technology each camera is able to keep recording for up to 5 days while also streaming it directly to your mobile device. So you can see what we see.


Drone Surveillance

BirdsEye investigation

Have one of our trained agents capture what was thought to be unaccessible.

Contact us today to set up a session so you can start benefiting from our wide range of services.

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